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Launch, Grow Your Audience, & Monetize Your Podcast With An Alpha Network In Your Corner!

The Elite Alpha Network is an online tribe with all the resources you need to launch your podcast, book celebrity guests, increase the size of your audience, & monetize your show.

Apply to join with the free 30-day probationary period and see if you have what it takes to join the Elite Alpha Network. Keep reading for application details...

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Is This You?

You want to build a dominant brand to share your transformational message with the masses.

You want to use a podcast as your vehicle to build influence & launch your message.

You want to turn your podcast into a brand-building & money-making machine.

You know that you need a powerful network to get your message out to the world.

You are ready to be professional with your podcast and build it into a dominant brand.

Here's the challenge with podcasting in 2022:

90% of podcast hosts QUIT within the first few months because they do not have momentum.

Why do they quit?

Here's a few of the main reasons...

1. There are millions of podcasts in the marketplace right now and podcasters do not know how to make their show stand out from the masses.

2. After a few months of interviewing people, podcast hosts discover that it takes more to move the needle and earn subscribers.

3. Social media marketing seems to get them nowhere and they don't know how to convert social media followers into podcast listeners.

4. With zero guidance on how to monetize the podcast, most creators fail to earn a dollar from their show and they quit because its not worth their investment.

5. They never get ranked on the Apple or Spotify charts and they feel like they're just speaking into a void without anyone actually listening.

6. Without a reliable way to book quality guests or collaborate with other podcasters in front of "other people's audiences" (OPA), these podcast hosts eventually lose consistency and fail.

(the biggest reason podcasters quit is next)

7. With no support system in place, 90% of podcast hosts give into the little voice inside their head that says "you're not good enough and no one will hear your message"...

Feeling discouraged and alone, they quit and never podcast again.

If You Are Reading This Page, You Are Probably Different Than Most Podcast Hosts...

If you have found this page on the internet, there's good news...

You are most likely in the top 10% of podcasters who have made the decision to never quit.

You've vowed to never accept defeat.

You KNOW that a podcast is the #1 way you can practice your freedom of speech, build your own platform, and grow a dominant brand that will impact the masses with your message.

Wanna know a secret?

If you keep publishing beyond episode fourteen, you are already in the top 10% of hosts because the rest QUIT before they find momentum.

However, taking over your niche and becoming the top influencer in your space does not happen overnight.

It takes consistent effort, a will to succeed, and audacity to get started.

For high achieving podcasters like you, it can be difficult to know where to apply your energy to get the best ROI.

Without a proven roadmap for success, the options can be overwhelming.

If you lack guidance, there's a good chance you will flounder between a bunch of different ways you COULD be growing your podcast without taking the correct actions to build momentum.

With millions of podcasts being launched every year, time is short and you need to make the right decisions NOW if you want to separate yourself in the marketplace.

If you are building a platform in 2022, the whole world might seem against you.

There are so many "shiny objects" out there and it takes discipline to stay consistant because its difficult to know the right actions to take to build your brand.

When we are leveling up to a better experience in life, the whole world can seem like its trying to tear us down and hold us at the same place where we have always been...

It can be a challenging time and you do NOT need to do this alone.

Instead of continuing to trek onwards by yourself in the face of overwhelming odds that you will eventually lose, would you be opposed to joining an Elite Alpha Network that will turn you into the most alpha podcaster you can become?

Our squad of podcast consultants have been hosting this online mastermind since 2019 and have helped hundreds of podcast hosts just like you with creating a dominant brand, growing their audience, and monetizing their show.

You will get the support you need to grow your podcast while building relationships with alpha entrepreneurs who are all on the same path and moving towards the same goal.

If you want to apply for our free 30 day probation period, keep reading...

The Elite Alpha Network Includes Access To All The Following...

Podcast Strategy & Accountability

When you join, our squad of podcast consultants will work with you to craft a personalized gameplan with action steps you can follow to master the Podcast Powertrain system and grow your show. Every 90 days we review and set new goals.

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Immersion Event

Every 90 days, we have a one-day immersion experience over Zoom and hold workshops so you can master the art of podcasting.

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Group Coaching

One Group Coaching call via Zoom every month with our expert squad of podcast consultants to answer all your questions. You get direct help to grow your reach and influence every month while networking on the call with top-rated podcast hosts and alpha entrepreneurs like yourself.

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Action Steps

One New Marketing Lesson Dripped EVERY month with action steps to grow your show so you can book celebrities, monetize the show, stay on track, and continue to add "secret weapons" to your arsenal while you grow.

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Network Access

Access to our Elite Alpha Podcasters Mighty Network Group where you can connect with elite podcasting entrepreneurs and grow your show FAST through collaborations.

We also post premium content in the group, feature interview opportunities, and share invitations to private live events.

You also get access to exclusive offers to grow your podcast with advertising and sponsorships that are only available to our network...

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Podcast Evaluation

Your podcast will be evaluated on entry to provide you with clear action steps you can take to expand your influence and scale your message.

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Bottom line: if you're an Alpha entrepreneur who wants to kick ass and take names...

You've found the network you've been looking to join.

If that is not you, this network is not for you.

Time to join an elite network of podcasters that are killing it!

You get access to top notch support from a professional team.

Plus access to all the step-by-step courses you will ever need to launch, increase the size of your audience, & monetize your own podcast.

Click "join now" and you will be taken to the checkout area to enter your information:

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It's your time to shine NOW:

You're going to have EVERYTHING you need to build a dominant brand that gives you major influence, respect, credibility, and massive reach.

By joining the Elite Alpha Network, you get the following:

  • Online immersion event once every 90 days to teach you the latest in content marketing, podcast technology, advertising, and networking ($2,000/month value).
  • Evaluation on entry of your podcast to identify where you need to focus your efforts to achieve momentum with your show and create a custom 90 day plan ($1,000 value).
  • One New Marketing Lesson Dripped EVERY month so you can continue to add "secret weapons" to your arsenal and grow each month ($1,000/month value).
  • Access to our Elite Alpha Podcasters group on Mighty Networks where you can network with hyper-executing alpha entrepreneurs like yourself and receieve invitations to exclusive mastermind events ($1,000/month value).
  • One Group Coaching Call EVERY Month! You get direct help EVERY MONTH to continue growing your reach and influence and set new action steps as you complete your goals ($2,000/month value).
  • *BONUS* Lifetime Access to ALL of our course material with step-by-step instruction and templates for launching your podcast, booking celebrities on your show, and growing and monetizing the show after launch ($7,400 value).

Here's how to get inside this exclusive network...

We have a free 30 day probation period. You pay nothing up-front. Once you complete the first 30 days of the program, we all can decide if you are a good fit to continue with our network.

If we all decide to move forward, you will be locked in at only $97/month

You can't lose with this opportunity... Apply to join by entering your information below. Once you enter your information, our intake form will be sent to your inbox... Be on the lookout for this form because it will unlock the next steps in your process.



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